Does DHL Deliver on Saturdays & Sundays?

DHL delivers parcels on Saturday mornings throughout the UK however Sunday deliveries are still not available there.

According to the company’s brief on the matter, they’re aware that seven-day shipping is now the norm, but they haven’t taken the steps to fully implement it worldwide. 

Inspired by Neil Armstrong’s trip to the moon, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn embarked on an ambitious project. In 1969 they founded a pioneering international door-to-door delivery service, which they called DHL. 

DHL has a long history of making the impossible happen and setting new standards for the logistics industry. Today, they return to their original inspiration, and their ultimate new innovation is delivering to outer space, starting with the moon.  

In the following sections, we’ll explore the full range of DHL services, and answer an important question: Does DHL deliver on Saturdays and Sundays? 

What Are the Standard Services of DHL?

During a normal workweek, that is, with the exception of national holidays, you can count on finding the following services at DHL offices: 

  • Express
  • Freight 
  • Supply chain 
  • Global forwarding
  • e-Commerce 

These highly professional shipping and distribution services are available for corporations, small businesses, as well as for individuals.

They cover pretty much every aspect of moving commodities from point A to point B.

This includes pickup, labeling, customs clearance, shipment consolidation, in addition to multiple location distribution. 

Business, Export, and Import Options

Several industries depend on DHL for their logistics and shipping activities, which is not surprising at all. One of these categories is healthcare-related deliveries.

And that’s why you’d find In the business shipping two options: Express Breakbulk and Medical Express Temperature sensitive. It’s these extras that make DHL worth the money.  

You have several benefits and options that come automatically with choosing DHL as a partner or courier service.

For example, you can choose the delivery date and specific time slot for your mail. You can also choose the plan that best suits your budget and time limitation. 

Express Shipping is the most popular option for most individuals and various businesses. It offers two main categories, which are Export and Import.

Both are available for worldwide destinations, and DHL arranges pretty much everything.

How Long Does it Take? 

The shortest duration you can expect is overnight delivery.

You drop off a package at a DHL depot, or they pick it up from your location, then it gets delivered the next morning to its destination! That’s a perfect shipping solution for many people.

And even though it’s a pricey option, many people are happy to pay extra and get the expedited service. 

The other end of the spectrum is the cheap parcel delivery, which takes around 3 days to reach its destination. eCommerce folks often use this option, as it makes the overall price of an item more affordable to clients. 

Lately, DHL issued a Covid-19 update that detailed how the specified delivery dates could be altered as a result of the pandemic limitations on transportation.

Delays ranging from 1-15 days could be expected to happen, depending on the sender and receiver locations. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

The actual prices for each service or package weight aren’t available on the site.

Instead, you need to enter your package and shipping details, then the system sends you an estimate of the costs

Covid-19 Updated Shipping Schedules  

The intrusion of Covid-19 into our lives has also affected shipping companies in a big way. On the one hand, there’s an increased demand for online shopping. And on the other hand, the transportation isn’t working at full capacity. 

Understandably, this is causing huge pressure on courier and shipping companies.

This is why DHL has drafted a Covid-19 Update which summarizes the changes that they had to implement as a result of the outbreak.

There’s also an annexed document detailing the “Temporary Service adjustments for DHL Express Time Definite International services”.

This is basically a list of countries and the expected delays in delivery times as of June 11th, 2021. 

The delays aren’t too drastic for most locations, and the list includes expected increases in delivery time between 1-15 delays.

The short delays are in locations like Algeria, Aruba, Barbados, and Taiwan. While longer times of up to two weeks are expected for Bhutan, Pacific Islands, and Turkmenistan.

In general, delays of 1-3 days should be expected.    

Does DHL Deliver on Saturdays and Sundays? 

Even though the services of DHL are varied and it has a robust network all over the globe, its activities seem to come to a halt on weekends and holidays. 

There are a few exceptions though, and some countries get to see some availability of these services on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Saturday Deliveries 

Saturday deliveries are available in specific locations only. So you might find it in the UK, in the Benelux region, most of Europe, and some parts of Asia.

On the other hand, it’s still not accessible to the US market at all. 

It’s also not the default delivery date. And the sender needs to specify a ‘Saturday’ delivery’, or else, the parcel would be delivered the following Monday.

Additionally, the package should be picked up by DHL or dropped off at any of its outlets ahead of time for processing and preparation.   

Type of Services

On Saturdays, you can expect to find the almost full scope of DHL services, but for a short workday. Saturday is considered an ‘extra day’, rather than a regular business day. 

Also, Saturday deliveries are only the ones previously marked as such at the point of shipping. And they’re only available in the countries that allow weekend shipping.     

Delivery Hours  

The standard working hours from Monday to Friday are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

But these don’t apply for the Saturday deliveries though, and the day is expected to wrap up sometime around noon.    


The prices are a little extra for Saturday deliveries and pickups. 

There’s also a weight limitation, so in the UK, only packages below 25 kgs are allowed, with the cheapest fee attached to 2 kg parcels.

This little package normally ships for £8.79, but to get it delivered on a Saturday, you’d need to add an extra £4.

These are just ballpark figures, as figuring out the actual shipping prices is subject to several factors.

Mainly, where’s the pickup point, the destination, the weight of the package, its dimensions, and how fast you need it to reach its destination. Additionally, there’s the extra fee for a Saturday delivery. 

You can reduce the price a little by dropping off the package at one of DHL’s service points or depots. Asking them to pick it up from your home, office, or warehouse naturally costs more. 

You can find out the total costs of shipping by logging into the DHL website, entering your data, and specifying your shipping requirements.

You’d either get an instant estimate, or you’d need to talk to a customer support officer for a detailed quote. 

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Other Features

DHL is often adding more options to users so that they can accommodate their needs and generally make their lives easier. Here are some of their parcel shipping features. 

  • Next day delivery 
  • Small parcel delivery 
  • Large parcel delivery 
  • Morning delivery cheap parcel delivery 
  • Saturday delivery 

Sunday Deliveries 

While DHL delivers parcels on Saturday mornings throughout the UK, Sunday deliveries are still not available there.

According to the company’s brief on the matter, they’re aware that seven-day shipping is now the norm, but they haven’t taken the steps to fully implement it worldwide. 

DHL services aren’t available in the US at all on weekends. Saturdays are like Sundays for that matter.

However, in cases of urgent deliveries, they might accommodate such requests. You can get in touch with a customer support officer from DHL, and arrange an urgent weekend delivery. 

In the Gulf area, Sunday is a regular workday. And the actual weekend is Friday and Saturday. That’s why implementing both day-off systems of DHL and the countries of the region, would end up in a very short work week. 

In Dubai, for example, you can use the services of DHL on a Sunday. But most often it would be assisted by the local post services. Friday is considered an off day instead of Sunday. 

Asia is another special case, where some countries implement a seven-day workweek. And in that case, any shipping service is obliged to offer its services on weekends too. This is not the prevailing system though.  

It’s not too improbable that DHL would change that system sometime soon. After all, they do acknowledge that “in 2020 Sunday has become as normal a trading day as any”.

They expect to add this option with the mobilization of self-driving vehicles.

Type of Services

In parts of Asia and the Gulf area, DHL services are mostly available. But in other parts of the world, the day is completely off, and deliveries are postponed to the next business day.  

Emergency deliveries might be available, but this needs a special arrangement with DHL customer support officers.  

Delivery Hours  

Sunday is mostly an off day around the globe. The exceptions are the Gulf area weekend replacement, some parts of Asia, and emergency deliveries. Delivery hours would depend largely on the local post service of each region.    


There’s no specified rate for Sunday deliveries since it’s not included as a listed service. As for urgent deliveries, these would have a separate quote from DHL that would be assessed for each case individually. 

Other Features 

There are no special features for Sunday deliveries, as they remain the exception to the rule. 

The Bottom Line

DHL is one of the leading courier, shipping, and logistics companies in the whole world. There’s very little they wouldn’t be able to take on, and they would go the whole nine yards to accommodate their customers.

However, they basically don’t do weekend deliveries! 

There are some exceptions regarding Saturday deliveries, where some countries have limited access to that service on Saturday mornings.

As for Sundays, that’s hugely limited. 

There’s still some hope for DHL implementing weekend deliveries sometime in the future. 

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