Does CVS Sell Stamps?

Yes, CVS does sell stamps.

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy stamps from it is useful to know that you can get them from the nearest CVS.

If you’re heading to CVS to grab some of your health supplies then it’s probably a good idea to get some stamps and keep them at home.

Most people don’t realize how important it is to buy stamps and store them until you actually need to send a letter. If you find that you’ve suddenly approached the deadline of a government form or need to send a late birthday card, you must have immediate access to stamps.

Going to the local post office isn’t always the most practical solution. It’s a good idea to shop for stamps the next time you’re at CVS.

Other Pharmacies that also sell stamps include:
Rite Aid

All About CVS

CVS is a big and well-known name that offers a variety of health-related products. However, they don’t limit their services to the healthcare industry.

It’s a subsidiary of Melville Corporation that started operating in 1963. Starting from 17 stores, the company managed to expand to 40 stores within 5 years. As the years went by, CVS kept on expanding and opening new stores to reach their potential customers wherever they are.

CVS managed to analyze customers’ needs and realized that it’s more convenient for customers to find what they’re looking for under one roof.

There are currently chains of CVS spread all across the USA. With more than 6200 stores, you’ll probably one near your house.

In some locations, you’ll find two stores less than 2 blocks apart.

How to Buy Stamps at CVS

CVS offers booklets of all types of postage stamps. They’re very easy to find, right under the counter. However, CVS doesn’t sell individual stamps.

This means that you’ll have to buy the whole booklet. Nevertheless, most people find this solution more practical for the following reasons.

  • Buying stamps in bulk is more economical.
  • You’ll always have enough stamps for an emergency.
  • You won’t have to head to the nearest CVS every time you run out of stamps and need to send a letter.

Moreover, you can save your time and effort by shopping for stamps online. CVS offers a convenient online shopping service that caters to the needs of all customers so you’ll always have the stamps you need.

Top Tip: Read our article to find out when CVS restocks and how to check their stock inventory so you can be sure they will have stamps available when you visit.

Read our article here to find out exactly how many stamps you need.

You can also download the CVS app and shop for stamps using your mobile phone. Wherever you are, CVS will be able to reach you to cover all your needs.

The stamps cost the same price you’d pay at the local post office; that’s almost $10 for 20 stamps. There are a variety of themes available so you can choose the one you prefer.

If there’s an upcoming event like Easter, Christmas or New Year, you’ll probably have to wait in line to get your stamps.

Most people depend on emails to send their important messages. However, nothing matches the beauty of receiving a hand-written card to express one’s feelings.


If you need to buy stamps in bulk, you need to head to the nearest CVS. It won’t be a problem because there’s probably one right next to your home.

Save your time and effort and check out their online shopping service.

CVS won’t disappoint you.

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