Does Centra Sell Stamps?

Yes. Centra does sell stamps. 

If you absolutely have no time to stop by the post office, you can just pass by Centra or even buy stamps online. You can also find plenty of other things. It’s truly a jack of all trades. 

It’s one of the few places from which you can buy stamps on the weekend when the post office is closed.  

Buying Postage Stamps From Centra

Centra is one of the biggest convenience shop chains in Ireland. With over 450 stores around the country, you can rest assured you’ll find one nearby to get stamps in a rush. 

The postage stamps are sold at the same price as the post office. Despite its availability, we recommend you always call or email the store to check if they have what you’re looking for. 

The website isn’t very clear about the availability of stamps in individual stores. However, you can find it clearly stated that discount vouchers can’t be earned by postage stamps. 

Stamps are priced at basically the same pricing of the post office. The standard domestic stamp is sold at €1.10, while a standard international stamp is sold at €1.80. 

Read our article to work out exactly how many stamps you need.

Other than postage stamps, Centra also provides postage services, including package pickup. It is incredibly resourceful, offering several services and goods. These services range from bill pay, prepaid electricity,  top-ups, and gift cards. 

We recommend checking stores in your area using the store locator. It’s always a good idea to call or email and ask about the availability before heading there. 

What Else Does Centra Sell?

By definition, Centra is a retail convenience store selling practically everything you need. You can find groceries, fresh and frozen meats, cheese, and other cooking essentials. 

For your sweet tooth, there are many kinds of chocolates, sweets, and fizzy drinks there, too. It also sells beers, wines, and other kinds of spirits with a section for the wine of the month. 

Online Shopping From Centra

Centra offers the great advantage of beating the queue. You can order whatever you need and either, have it delivered, or just collect it from there ready to go. 

Unfortunately, although you can order many things online, postage stamps aren’t one of them. You have to buy them the conventional way, by yourself. 

You can, surprisingly, buy stamps online directly from the post office. Quite a bold move from an age-old institution! 

About Centra 

Centra was originally founded in 1960 as “VG”. It was then rebranded as SuperValu and later as Centra. 

Today, Centra has over 450 stores in the Republic of Ireland and 120 stores in Northern Ireland, together employing over 11,000 people. It’s run by Musgrave but owned by individual franchises. 


In short, Centra does sell stamps, among several other goods and services. That’s of great convenience for any packages you’re trying to send in a rush. 

There’s a store practically everywhere. You can also buy them weekly while buying groceries. An absolute game-changer!  

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