Does Amscot Sell Stamps?

Yes, Amscot does sell stamps.

Amscot is a popular financial services company that has many retail shops all across Florida. 

Their core services include check cashing, bill payments, prepaid access cards, payday loans, free money offers, ATM services, notary and fax services, and postage services – including stamps!

If you’re from Florida and you have an Amscot store near you, then you can head to the store and buy stamps there. If you are from Florida, then you can head over to Amscot to buy stamps at face value, envelopes, as well as other products for daily needs.

Read our article here to find out exactly how many stamps you need.

Where Can I Find Amscot?

There are 132 Amscot stores in the US, and they are exclusively found in Florida. You will be able to find an Amscot store in most of Florida’s major towns and cities, such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and many other locations in Florida.

Amscot has its headquarters in Tampa. You can find the nearest Amscot store in your area here

For many years, Amscot has been working closely with the U.S postal service. They have mail drops installed at all their Amscot locations, making your life much easier if you need postal services.

At the same time, you will be able to find stamps and envelopes at every Amscot store. They offer stamps for face value while envelopes will cost $10c each. You can also order USPS Priority Mail Envelopes at your nearest Amscot.

What Else Can I Buy at Amscot?

You will be able to buy stamps in every physical Amscot store. It’s best to ask the person behind the counter whether they are selling stamps – that’s the easiest way to find them.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to order stamps from Amscot online or order them through an app. In addition to stamps, you’ll also be able to find envelopes in every Amscot store – USPS Priority Mail Service envelopes included.

In addition to stamps and envelopes, Amscot prides itself on bringing non-bank financial services closer to the Florida community.

These services include check cashing, bill payments, loans, prepaid access cards, free money orders, ATM services, postal services, wire transfers, and notary and fax services.

More About Amscot

Founded in 1989 in Tampa, Amscot was first geared towards Tampa customers but soon spread its operations all over Florida.

Its owner, Ian MacKechnie, was a Scottish immigrant who came to the US in 1986. He first owned a bakery store in Tampa, but soon noticed that most of his employees were cashing checks in convenience stores rather than in banks.

The Scotsman saw an opportunity to provide a more streamlined and simplified opportunity to offer financial services to Florida customers, and that’s how Amscot was created. Today, Amscot serves over 3 million different customers each year.

Amscot is also very involved with the community. They are involved in several community projects, such as the Safety ID Program, which aims to provide free ID for children in case they go missing.

That’s part of the reason why Amscot is so popular in Florida. To conclude, Amscot does sell stamps in their retail stores.

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